UAE businessman hands out tickets for T20 World Cup match to blue collar workers


It has been almost five years since the last T20 match was played between India and Pakistan at Eden Gardens (March 19, 2016) which India won by 6 wickets.

And this is the first time that the T20 World Cup has been held in the UAE, with India v Pakistan being one of the most anticipated matches given the huge expat population of these two countries. It is a well known fact that this game is iconic and watched by Indians and Pakistanis regardless of which part of the globe they are in. Whether it is a worker or a billionaire, each individual is emotionally invested in this encounter. No major activity is planned during this period as all the attention is only focused on the game. Clubs and entertainment areas are packed with people waiting to see the action. The India – Pak craze / obsession is such that people line up outside electronics stores to catch the action. Many cricket fans also come from different parts of the world such as USA, England, India and Pakistan to watch the match live in the stadium.

Only the privileged can see all the action live at the stadium. Watching such a game live, however, is a distant dream for the blue collar staff who struggle all day to make ends meet. This time around, Danube Group Vice President also known as Mr Cricket UAE has decided to make the dreams of these workers come true by handing out tickets for the India Pakistan match on October 24, 2021, which will take place on the ring of fire. , the iconic Dubai stadium. Transports were also

taken care of for these workers to go to the stadium with food packages for them.

With cricket being considered a religion in both India and Pakistan, it will certainly be a dream come true for these people to watch their players like Thalaiva Dhoni who will be the team’s mentor, Captain Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Bumrah and KL Rahul from India as well. like Babar Azam, Shohaib Malik, Mohd. Hafiz, Fakkar Zaman who are like their heroes.

Ind – Pak will undoubtedly be the iconic of this T20 World Cup, Mr. Cricket UAE will also hand out tickets for the Afghanistan – Pakistan match on October 29 which is another blockbuster match keeping the passion in mind. from both of the countries.

With India matches being the most wanted, Anis Sajan will hand out tickets to India’s A2 game on November 5, for which the opponent will be determined in due course. Mr Sajan said: “We are also trying to get tickets for the semi-finals as well as the finals and who knows they might see their favorite teams India and Pakistan at the world cup. T20.

In addition to tickets, the blue-collar staff will also receive their favorite fan jerseys and Mr. Cricket UAE jackets and caps. And for those who couldn’t make it to the stadium, the company has organized a screening at some of their warehouses.

Mr Anis Sajan, Vice President of Danube Group, said: “I have had the chance to live my passion for cricket for all these years and the best way to share my passion is to distribute tickets to the less privileged and to make them smile. . “

Asked about his plans to watch the historic India Pakistan match, he mentioned that he was more than happy to watch it at his home, where he hosted a screening with a group of his friends, who are a mix of Indians and from Pakistani.

The key idea for distributing the tickets among the blue collar staff is to make them experience the live action of a World Cup match, which they can only dream of.


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