Ilhan Omar’s Christians On Airplanes remarks spark controversy


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OOne thing about white conservatives: they don’t like simple truths about white American prejudice being pointed out. They really can’t handle it without huffing and huffing and huffing a “you just hate America” ​​straw man argument in our faces. This is why asking right-wing whites to think even a little critically about racial and cultural dynamics in the United States automatically results in their ignorant definition of critical race theory. This is why, in their mind, any recognition of racial disparity is “race-baiting” unless it is they who invoke it in the name of white grievance.

And that’s why Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) couldn’t point out the simple truth about Muslims, Christians, and airplanes without Republicans getting their underwear crossed in a heap.

On Saturday, Omar posted a video of Christians on a flight doing a public broadcast of individual Christian songs with a man standing with his guitar and leading the mile-high choir line. All Omar did was ask a simple question.

“I think my family and I should have a prayer session next time I’m on a plane,” she tweeted. “How do you think this will end? »

All Omar did was point out that a large group of Muslims could not have gotten up on a flight and engaged in a ritual celebration of Islam without making white people uncomfortable. and probably forced to stop what they were doing. That’s all it took for a mighty rain of white tears to fall in response to her tweet.

And no one cries white tears like the little black conservative dogs for white nationalism– which is why Vernon Jones, GOP candidate and perpetually confused ghostwriter, was one of the first to speak out against Omar because, in his mind, his anti-Muslim bias tweet translates to “I hate the Christians”.

“Why do you hate Christians, Ilhan? asked Jones. “If you mind the freedom of religion we enjoy here in America, feel free to pack your bags and go back to Somalia, Sudan or wherever you are.”

Republican candidate Jose Castillo also took to Twitter to outrage on behalf of Christianity and basically tell Omar to go back to Africa.

Note that Jones and Castillo’s first instinct was to echo Donald Trump in telling the “Squad” members to go back to where they came from despite the congresswoman being all US citizens (and Omar didn’t). not lived in Somalia since she was eight) because conservative “Christians” can’t even defend Christianity against claims of fanaticism without being fanatics themselves.

And Castillo is just playing with people’s faces by tweeting that in America, “Muslims can and should pray in public,” and that while Omar “wants a country where Christians are not allowed to do the same,” she “should return to his country.

First of all, Omar didn’t say Christians shouldn’t be allowed to celebrate Christianity on an airplane, she just pointed out that Muslims can’t do it without there being a problem.

Listen: In America, Cassius Clay risked losing his boxing career simply by making it public that he practices the Muslim faith and changing his name to Muhammad Ali. After 9/11, being outwardly Islamophobic was as acceptable as raisins in potato salad in the White House. Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene filmed herself speaking out against an “Islamic invasion” of the US government because Muslims were elected to power and it didn’t hurt her one iota by being named a lawmaker. Greene also claimed that members of Congress were not official unless they took an oath on the Bible. She also joined Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) in calling Omar and other Muslim members of Congress the “Jihad Squad.” Hell, Barack Obama has spent his entire presidency pushing back against right-wing claims that he’s a Muslim.– as if practicing Islam was a crime that should disqualify someone from the presidency.

So, I’m going to need Vernon Jones and other white people to stop pretending that protests of Islam are received the same as protests of Christianity. I also need them to stop acting like Christianity is under attack in a country where 65% of the population still identifies with a certain Christian denomination. (To be fair, that number is down from the nearly 80% who said they identified as Christian just a few years ago. It’s almost as if Christians are making Christianity less popular every year. I wonder why.)

Predictably, Fox News reported that Omar “expressed outrage” at Christians singing on an airplane because, to the conservative mind, a black Muslim woman making a simple observation is akin to rage.

Of course, there were also cooler heads on Twitter who weren’t ridiculously fearmongering and shaky in responding to Omar’s innocuous tweet.

Once again we are reminded who the real “snowflakes” are.


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