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A home loan should not be seen as a burden, but as an aid in building a home. The range of different home loans is limitless. A comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of one or the other home loan is therefore essential. Can I get a house loan during the probationary period? Home Loan: Do not miss the connection.

Home loan comparison

Home loan comparison

A home loan is a long-term decision and requires careful planning. With this advice you can find the right loan: Bring in capital: As a rule of thumb, those who contribute between 20 and 30% of their equity receive their home loan from the house bank at the lowest interest rates. However, it is recommended not to use all the savings for the purchase of a house, but to save for the acquisition and the ancillary costs of the construction – because these can not usually be covered by a home loan.

So-called home equity financing is possible with some banks, but carries a higher credit risk for the borrower. How high must a home loan be? To determine the correct loan amount, the total amount that is sufficient for the acquisition of a house is first determined. To determine the correct financing requirement, the available capital is deducted from the total acquisition or production costs, including incidental acquisition costs.

Possible to take out a special home loan

Possible to take out a special home loan

However, these can not be covered by mortgage lending, so at best you should have some capital available. Alternatively, it is possible to take out a special home loan, which increases your monthly financial burdens. The repayment rate for a home loan often has to be paid out to the house bank every month for decades. Therefore, when buying a house through the house bank, it should be calculated in advance exactly how much money can the monthly for the amount of home loans.

The remainder is the maximum monthly repayment installment, from which, however, an unforeseen expense buffer is retained. Home loan calculator: If you want to compare different offers with each other before granting a home loan, you can be sure to have a suitable and cost-effective offer. Due to the relatively large lending, such a home loan is often not fully repaid after the interest rate has expired.

The consumer can then conclude a new contract of sale with your house bank – do not get favorable terms, but you should not shy away from a bank bill. In any case, it is advisable to inquire about suitable follow-up financing some time before the end of the fixed interest period.


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