Failure: a ladder to success


Failure: a ladder to success

It is indeed in our hands to encourage or stifle us. It is indeed under our control to be a warrior or a restless

Posted on August 29, 2021 | Author NADEEM QAYOOM

Man is weak in nature and has an innate tendency not to accept failures and to blame others for his failures. It may differ in severity, but it is present in all of us. At some point, everyone realizes their mistake and the negligence that paved the way for the respective failures. The plan is to make it happen as soon as possible so that the cause is rectified sooner and further damage is avoided.

Both success and failure are the ways to grow in life and achieve greater self-understanding. Success is the result of the effective use of knowledge, hard work and experience. Failure, on the other hand, reinforces the above prerequisites. Ignorance of the process often tends to fall prey to an irrelevant and false understanding of failure. And the error is repeated over and over again without analyzing the real cause. Regardless of shortcomings and poor preparations, a person tends to blame everyone else except themselves. A natural response to failure is common to all people regardless of their religion, caste or gender. It is only after proper introspection that the breach is made.

Introspection, besides helping to recognize the cause of grief and sadness, also instills discipline in life by structuring the entire trip and ultimately avoiding reinventing the wheel. After failures, a person should be able to see the writing on the wall regarding what went wrong so that next time they don’t find themselves in dire straits. Introspection does what is necessary. He saves the person from the deep sea of ​​rags. Intrusive inspection of the events leading up to Catch-22’s situation helps navigate similar future efforts.

A little ignorance that most of us see pale in comparison to its aftereffects accelerates the burns and bruises of failure. Whatever the reason, it is the analysis that will clearly outline the causes of failure and if corrective measures are applied, there is a one hundred percent chance that the insolvency will no longer kick in. foot to the person. Out of ignorance and inexperience, a person while traveling through his life also does things such that the dice are stacked against his favors. Getting discouraged and discouraged is not part of the game, but yes, siphoning extraordinary courage and willpower to stand up and fight certainly becomes a blessing in disguise. Monotonous games make it boring and boring, but when it gets tricky and full of adventure, the player also strives to take the difficult step with their skill and experiences.

Many of us know that rough roads and crash-prone highways spread across the globe. A sane person would always try to avoid driving these roads due to past history and logic, but that does not prevent drivers from giving up the road. They continue to travel and reach their destinations. Life is a journey through different and difficult terrain; each needs a different set of gear changes and directional control. It is not surprising that the speed adopted for rough terrain cannot give a smooth ride on a flat road and vice versa. When you’re in a valley or at the top, his eyes see difficult terrain to cross, but his experience and know-how tell another story because he knows how to calibrate the ride.

Likewise, a person, due to his innate weaknesses and boring skills, achieves failure like a deep sea to cross, but an experienced diver will cope with ease and comfort. For him, the storm becomes the roaring engine and the know-how becomes the piloting. The naive person sees his failure as the end of the world, of dreams and expectations. His perception drives him mad and worsens otherwise less harsh situations. The quagmire of brutal circumstances makes his life full of sorrow and sadness. It is indeed in our hands to encourage or stifle us. It is indeed under our control to be a warrior or a restless one. It is the courage to face trials and tribulations that make the difference. Rest the Almighty has promised that he will always be with his true believers to weather the storm.

(The author is an associate member of the ASCE-India International Section and can be contacted at [email protected])


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