Discrimination is not limited to skin color


You hear it again and again: you are disenfranchised, oppressed, abused. You deserve better.

It’s your time. You can use whatever you want. It is justified. Everything should be returned to you because you have been deprived of your ability to take care of yourself. You are a victim. You are a second class citizen. You are not responsible for your problems and every negative thing in your life is someone else’s fault.

At this point, you might start thinking, “I have to do something about this injustice.”

Could this psychologically start to wear down some people, make them angry and go wild? Of course it could and will and has.

The wheels of chaos and chaos have already begun to turn.

Throughout history, this has happened many times. For example, this happened to some 70,000 white men, women and children from England and Ireland who had been shipped off to the colonies and became slaves during the 170 years that the British ruled our land. . They had been chained under the decks of small ships for up to 12 weeks and suffered from unimaginable conditions and illnesses. Up to 50% died just making the trip.

During the early colonial period, white slaves outnumbered black slaves 4 to 1. They were the main labor force on the plantations of Virginia and Maryland. It was not until the Emancipation Proclamation that white slavery ended.

In the early 1800s, Haiti had a white population of French Creoles. Beginning in February 1804, Haiti began a systematic cleansing of all whites. Although the white population had hitherto got along well with the Haitian population, it was decided that these “true cannibals” should be murdered. And so, more than 5,000 men, women and children were massacred. The women had to be killed in order not to be able to breed a new Frenchman.

This genocide was decreed by Jean-Jacques Dessanlines, who was the first leader of Haiti. He declared his murderous rampage as follows: “Yes, I saved my country, I avenged America.”

Last year, the United States allowed thousands of Haitians free entry and loaded them with gifts to make America their new home.

Robert Davis, a history professor at Ohio State University, worked on a sort of reverse methodology to determine how many white European Christians had been enslaved by Muslims in North Africa. The period was between 1530 and 1780, and it was estimated to be at least one million. Dr. Davis also determined that it had more to do with religion and ethnicity rather than the skin color who became slaves. He calculated that some 8,500 people had to be captured each year to meet the demand for slaves.

The above are just a few snapshots of historical atrocities which are never referenced as it is not part of today’s agenda. I point this out to show that no human being, regardless of skin color or religion, deserves to be treated so horribly. Our own constitution spells it out very clearly. “All men are created equal.”

However, throughout our history and the world, skin color has played a role, white or black, and it hasn’t stopped there. Religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or just something as benign as where you come from has justified the killing or enslaving of human beings forever.

These wrongs persist today and come in various forms. Our porous border has opened our eyes to the prevalence of human trafficking, not only for adults but even more so for children. These poor souls are modern day slaves living within our borders. It’s shocking, and nothing is being done about it in 2022.

However, in our new gender-driven society, as our kindergarten children are brainwashed, he/she/them, the nightmarish life of child slaves being abused every second of every day is ignored. Or the hundreds of thousands of young adults slaughtered with fentanyl, they too are slaves to an extremely additive drug.

As we can see, discrimination comes in many forms and is not limited to skin color or a particular belief. If people are truly honest and willing to put aside their ideological awakening, it is imperative that we focus on the big picture. As stated above, history teaches us everything we need to know, and that’s probably why the left wants to erase it.

The Earth has been at odds with itself since day one. For reasons none of us will fully understand, the planet has never stopped waging wars and murdering other human beings. Russian President Vladimir Putin has brought this reality back to the fore.

Photos of bodies in plastic bags and mass graves bring to mind images of horror for those who survived Hitler. I was only 10 years old when I lived with my grandparents in Germany, and there was a documentary on TV about naked humans – men, women and children being slaughtered with machine guns and then bulldozed into a pit. The reason was because of their origin and their religious beliefs. Skin color did not play a role. Jews and non-Jewish Germans have suffered beyond human comprehension despite what Whoopi Goldberg says.

Skins of all shades suffer injustice, and no one can claim more weight than another. I’m not naive not to think skin color plays a role, but we need to put the past in its place and start to unite as a country again. One nation under God.

We need to stop using skin tones as a social weapon or we will never resolve our country’s differences. Unfortunately, the people affected by this division are the ones who suffer the most.

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