A new affordable place in Amarillo for children’s birthday parties


One of the biggest struggles I had when my daughter was growing up was birthday parties. You know the struggle. Law? Determine where you can host a party. A fun activity too and without breaking the bank.

Birthday parties can be a puzzle to plan

I used to rent inflatable houses for my daughter and her guests. Doing this every year has become quite expensive. Then we still had to find a place to party. A party can cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

This was before I even found a cake and bags of gifts. I mean being a single mom, I had to find ways to make it a little more affordable. Years ago I bought a bouncy house to at least stay in storage until the following year. A cost that I did not have to incur every year. So that was cool.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, VDMD

Then, as I was browsing Facebook, it caught my eye.

A new place to rent a bounce house and throw a party

Amarillo Parks and Recreation now has a place where you can throw a birthday party with the use of a bounce house. So there are two headaches resolved for you. What a story. The price is definitely a help.

credit: Amarillo Parks and Recreation Facebook

They have gym space for rent if you don’t need the bounce house. There are party rooms and you also have an attendant to help you. Not a bad deal at all. The Warford Activity Center is located at 1330 NW 18th Ave. If you want to check availability and plan your next party, you can check it out HERE.

There is even a swimming pool. So another option for a fun place for a children’s birthday party here in Amarillo.

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