19 of Lizzo’s most darling (and daring!) outfits


You can’t talk about Lizzo without mentioning Lizzo’s outfits.

Melissa Viviane Jefferson, popularly known by her professional name Lizzo, is indeed a bold, daring and beautiful woman. This vivacious lady wore some of the most darling and daring outfits we’ve ever seen.

Although she was born in Detroit, Lizzo began her performing career in Houston, Texas. After a while, she moved to Minneapolis to start another career in hip hop. Lizzo then released two albums: Lizzobangers in 2013 and big grrrl small world in 2015. She met Nice Life and Atlantic Records, after which she produced her first major label EP, coconut oil, in 2016.

Lizzo hadn’t appeared on many’s radar yet, but things quickly changed after the release of her third studio album, Because I love you in 2019. It was the first time Lizzo knew what it was like to be in the top five of the US Billboard 200.

From that point on, it was all hits for Lizzo. Shortly after, Lizzo released “Juice” and “Tempo”. A deluxe version of the album was also released, but this version included one of Lizzo’s 2017 singles “Truth Hurts”.

The song took the world by storm, hitting No. 1 on the Us Billboard Hot 100 two years after its first release.

Around this time, another of his 2016 singles “Good as Hell” was rapidly climbing the charts. It went as high as the top three on the Hot 100 top and was among the top 10 singles by an artist in the UK.

It was arguably the best moment of Lizzo’s career to date as she garnered most of her awards and recognition during this time. She started acting for some time and also received several awards.

Now on to Lizzo’s outfits!

Lizzo Outfits: Darling Edition

Lizzo is a star on stage and she always has a way to shine like one, from the stunning red sequined “Siren” dress she wore at the AMAs to having the smallest handbag ever at the AMAs.

Lizzo is no different on or off the red carpet. She always takes center stage with a mix of flamboyant looks. Her mix of elegant dresses and XL marabou hats indeed sets her apart.

It’s amazing how flexible the singer is in her style. She tries to have fun with her fashion so she never sticks to a particular color or silhouette. Instead, she tries on different looks and designers, constantly improving and reinventing herself.

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Here are some of Lizzo’s best looks, both on and off the red carpet.

1. Black Sequin Prom Dress

On January 26, 2020, we saw Lizzo in a black sequin ball gown made by Christian Siriano and the jewels were by Lorraine Schwartz as she performed “Truth Hurts” and “Cuz I Love You” opening 62n/a Annual Grammy Awards.

2. Same night, different outfit

At the same Grammy Awards on Jan. 26, 2020, the singer took pictures with her Grammys in her custom Versace dress and these stunning Lorraine Schwartz earrings sealed the deal.

3. Shiny in white

Rumor has it that this Atelier Versace dress was hand embellished with Swarovski crystals and it took about two months to complete this dress. She completed her look for the evening with a faux fur stole and wore jewelry worth nearly $2 million from Lorraine Schwartz.

4. Inspired by the 70s

Lizzo had just won “Artist of the Year” at the 51st NAACP Image Awards on February 22, 2020. She wore a simple Mary Katrantzou custom dress with a rockin’ afro.

5. Pretty in Pink

In 2020, Lizzo was on the cover of Vogue. One of her looks for the magazine is in this beautiful pink dress.

6. The smallest handbag in the world!

November 24and In 2019, Lizzo showcased one of the world’s smallest handbags in her cream off-the-shoulder dress. Lizzo loves these mini bags and she got this one from Valentino and her statement jewelry from Lorraine Schwartz.

7. The show stopper

We love this show stopper that Lizzo wore during her performance at the American Music Awards on November 24, 2019. This high slit pink dress is from Dauxilly.

8. The Billboard Outfits

Lizzo was on the cover of the Billboard 2020 Grammy issue. While all of the outfits she wore for the feature were amazing, we especially love this floral look.

9. The Mermaid

Lizzo wore this fun red “Siren” look and a matching boa from Moschino.

10. Sheikh Wakanda

In 2018, Lizzo showed up to a 2 Dope Queens celebration in a Wakanda-inspired outfit.

Lizzo Outfits: Daring Edition (and there are plenty!)

1. Transparent and transparent

Lizzo is known for showing off her body. She does it here in a see-through dress when she was in LA for Cardi B’s 29and birthday party.

2. Hello

Who can forget that super daring outfit Lizzo wore to a Lakers game? From the front, the shirt dress looks about normal. But the back? Whoo, it showed the singer’s back in a thong, for all to see! Not only did Lizzo show up in this outfit, but she also twerked it during the match. Needless to say, this moment went viral and sparked a debate over whether the outfit was appropriate for the event.

3. Snow White, Lizzo Edition

At the 2019 Grammy party, Lizzo wore a see-through white marabou gaze with just enough pieces to cover her private parts.

4. Don’t be a Drag…

Lizzo knows how to make fun outfits, including this “Don’t be a drag, just be a queen” one.

5. The longest braids in the world?

One of the multiple looks Lizzo had for the “Rumors” music video included 43 and a half foot braids! The braids are claimed to be the longest braids in the world and it took 4 people to wear them.

6. J.Lo 2.0

Lizzo was inspired by J.Lo’s famous green dress.

7. Birthday Suit

By now we know Lizzo loves see-through, see-through outfits. She rocked this one for her birthday.

8. Puff, puff, puff

This one is half darling and half daring. Lizzo was in full bloom on this cover of Essence magazine.

9. Maid of honor

Half dressed, half naked? Let Lizzo make a flag outfit look this outrageous!


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